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Last Will is a reverse Puzzle Room game, where the player needs to get into the center of a grand old mansion, made by a eccentric and paranoid old professor.

The player will be tested in all manner of skills like logic, perception, maths, communication, timing and riddles.

The game can be played alone, or in teams of up to 4 players. The mansion is randomly generated each time, and the difficulty can be adjusted.

The game can be played in ESCAPE ROOM MODE with a countdown clock, or in FREE PLAY MODE where the goal is to solve all the riddles as fast as possible, but without the glooming countdown clock.


The game consists of some rooms and some riddles. Your task is to make it to the center room, and open the safe.

Each room will contain some sort of puzzle, before you may reach the next room.

Last Will on Steam

- Last Will on Steam Greenlight (Will go on greenlight the 20th of February)
- Thunderclap campaign
- Last Will Beta test group

The game is set to launch in the spring 2016.


- Jacob Gladsbury (for some players Alice Gladsbury)
- Edmund Gladsbury
- Simon Renwell


'Episode 1 - The Long Hard Road Home

- Entrance hall - Classic riddles
- Chess Room - Position/coordination logic puzzle
- Game Room - Hidden objects and combinatorics
- Study Parlor - Coordination and observation, teamwork.
- Guest Wing - Logic and spacial awareness
- Library - Coordination and cryptic input systems
- Dining Hall - Positioning and combinatorics. Story about the Professors motivations.
- Hidden Passage - Flow and hidden objects
- Office - Formulations, hidden mechanics
- Basement entrance - No riddles, phases to Episode 2

Episode 2 - The Path to Ruin - Release date : 8th of September

- Wine Cellar - Chronology, combinatorics.
- Boiler Room - Classic riddles.
- Chapel - Hidden objects, ordering. Story segments about your grandmother.
- Darkroom - Chemistry, timing, restraints.
- Collapsed Corridor
- Old tower - Item placement, light math.
- Vault Room
- Archives - Linguistics, teamwork, brainstorming.
- Elevator Base
- Bunker - Morse, Cryptography. Story segments about his time in the military.
- Stairwell - No riddles, phases to Episode 3

Episode 3 - The Man the World Forgot - Release date : 22nd of September

- Pantry - Math, combinatorics, brainstorming.
- Theatre
- Inner Garden
- Gallery
- Vault Room
- Observatory
- Grand Kitchens
- Funeral Scene
- Elevator Shaft - No riddles, phases to Episode 4

Episode 4 - Thy Kingdom Come - Release date : 6th of October

- Laboratory
- Lineage Archive
- Mirror halls

Bonus Episode/Patch - The Architecture of Madness - Release date : 20th of October

Room wishlist

- a cloak room
- a gallery
- a great hall
- a ballroom
- a separate music room, where I could play the piano instead of the orchestra
- a billiard room
- a drawing room
- a study where I could study (I suppose?), when not in..
- a conservatory, where I guess I'd do some conserving, when not away filling...
- the game room full of game (the kind for which hanging on the wall is no game)
- an armory or gun room (for the game, of course) and perhaps...
- a shooting range, just to stay in practice
- a pool room to compliment the outdoor pool and it's cabanas and nearby kitchen greenhouses, not to mention the...
- stables
- tack room
- groom's room--plus a place for the driver (who'd man the carriage house, of course) and gardener, and, as long as we're on the subject of help, there also would be the indoor help's...
- private chambers (likely in the attic), as well as the ones they did their  work in, such as...
- the silver polishing room
- a canning room
- a wine cellar
- a root cellar
- a larder
- a pantry
- various and very specific storage rooms
- the butler's pantry, and, of course, simpler rooms, just for immediate family, such as...
- family kitchen and...
- less formal dining room and...
- sitting room or parlor, not to mention...
- bedrooms and...
- dressing rooms and, of course...
- closets and powder rooms and baths, and...
- a garret for the mother in law and possibly a garrote, too.


The introduction

Game basics

- Credits
- Voice acting
- Moodboards
- Marketing Log
- Valve Feedback